Valuing Your Work  All types of quilts whether they are old, new, work of art, block of the month, family heirloom, or flea-market find have value. Along with the sentimental value associated with these textiles there is often also considerable monetary value. Dawn will explain what factors impact the value of quilts, why people who either own quilts or have other peoples' quilts in their custody should have quilts appraised, and, what's involved in having a quilt appraised.  If you are planning to sell, buy, bequeath, donate, raffle, exhibit, or give a quilt as a gift you will want to attend! A PowerPoint presentation and quilts from Dawn’s collection will augment the lecture.


Quilting Thru the Ages  In this information packed lecture Dawn will answer the ‘Who, What, Where, When, and Why’ of quilt making through the centuries. You’ll be surprised at where it began and just how long quilting has been practiced. A PowerPoint presentation and quilts from Dawn’s collection will augment the lecture. All participants will receive a comprehensive list of locations and websites where historic quilt collections can be viewed.


Quilt Care: TLC for your Treasured Textile  A discussion, PowerPoint presentation and trunk show about caring for your treasured quilted textiles. Learn about care, conservation, restoration, and stewardship of the quilts, made by yourselves and by others that have been entrusted to your care.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own quilts for viewing. All participants will receive a flyer on quilt care.


Don’t be Afraid it’s only Appliqué  As a quiltmaker Dawn loves to appliqué, but she is aware that lots of quilters call it “the ‘A’ word” of quilting.  Dawn aims to lessen the angst about this artfully awesome quilting technique by discussing the myriad of appliqué options available to today’s quilters and how they, too, can share in the rewards of beautiful appliqué, no matter their experience level.  It’s a time travel trip around the world of appliqué. See what our great grandmothers, indigenous people, everyday quilters and professional studio quilters have accomplished with appliqué.  This is a lecture and PowerPoint presentation, augmented with lots of appliquéd quilts made and collected by Dawn.

CSI: Quilt  Did you know that quilt appraisers are the CSIs (Crooked Seam Investigators) of the quilt world? Join Dawn as she unravels the mysteries of quilt history, care and value. Whatever happened to fugitive purple and what is so "hot" about pink? During this lecture and trunk show learn about the intrigue of the quilt world -- the myths, the incorrect hunches and how one quilter's Drunkard's Path became another's Vine of Friendship. Dawn will share her knowledge and answer questions in this information packed lecture.

Your Quilting Legacy: Labelling and Documenting Your Quilts

“When this you see, Remember me”

Did you know that almost 70% of the 2,800 quilts in the collection of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum at Lincoln NE were made by…”Maker Unknown”.  Wouldn’t you like to know more about these makers, mostly women:  who they were, where they lived, why they chose to quilt, why they chose to make a certain pattern, where did they get their fabrics and supplies?  Flash forward ten, twenty, fifty years from now, will your children and grandchildren be asking the same questions about the quilts you’ve made? Or, will they even know that you made them?  Dawn will share with you the importance of documenting your quilts and methods for labelling and preparing written records to protect your quilting legacy. This is a lecture and PowerPoint presentation. All participants will receive a hand-out on quilt documentation.

Each takes about an hour and includes a PowerPoint presentation (I have my own laptop and projector) and trunk show.  Fees $350 +GST[1], plus travel expenses at current federal government mileage rate (and accommodation, if over two hours from Canmore AB).

[1] Fees until December 31, 2017.